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The Atari Goth console is a beginner-friendly patchable drone synth, based on the popular and iconic Atari Punk Console designed by Forrest Mims in 1982. It has 1/8" jacks to play nicely with Eurorack systems allowing you to summon the old ones from the darkness behind the stars.


Two oscillators affect each other in unexpected and unpredictable ways, creating dark, strange timbres. The single button energizes the circuit allowing you to create bursts of evil drone textures. Patching CV sources into the two CV jacks allows further demonic exploration into composition or additive sound synthesis. The mono 1/8" jack has levels compatible with guitar pedals and eurorack synths. Layer in some reverb and distortion and you will surely wake the behemoth from his slumber.


This is a fantastic first project for anyone looking to dip their toes into synth DIY. A short parts list of 21 parts and a spaced out layout means this kit can be completed by anyone.


Battery not included.



Check out the Build Guide here

Atari Goth Console Kit

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