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MIDI Controlled Dual Stereo Audio Switch/Mixer

Updated: Apr 29

Commissioned build. Switches two sets of stereo pathways to a set of outputs according to MIDI program change commands. Like a supercharged dual A/B/Y switch.

Based on Arduino and 8 reed relays, the signal path is all analog, and mixing (A AND B) is accomplished with op-amp summing amplifiers.

Opto-isolated MIDI In, software THRU. A WS2812b-based RGB LED for state indication. USB port on the side is purely for programming, and is mounted with a custom designed and 3d printed bracket. Takes 12VDC in.

Update April 2021

4 Units were built up for testing, Elliot Freedman built a fantastic web utility to edit parameters over sysex using Chrome's Web MIDI functionality. Because configuration is done over sysex, an exposed USB port is no longer needed.

Web Utility

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