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Lyra 8 Workshop October 14 2023

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

In Fall 2023 4 synth nerds met up to attempt a Lyra 8 build. They spent 12 hours and only got about half-way done.

The case was a maple enclosure built by a close friend Trevor at Vigilant Guitars. The main panel and back I/O panel are aluminum PCBs.

Still more work to be done, Expect an update with finished photos and videos, and links to make your own panels if you want.


Most attendees finished on Saturday.


This build is brutal. Panel components are point-to-point wired which means a ton of work. 192 Resistors across 34 different values on 3 different PCBs makes the construction tedious and time-consuming. All told, it took us 21 hours to finish this build, 12 hours on the first day to finish the mainboard, and another 9 hours to wire the panel, install knobs, and wire the boards together.

To anyone attempting this build, I recommend using 12-position and 5-position female DuPont cables cut in half and stripped. This makes the between-board wiring much simpler. Most components (including pots, switches, and knobs) can be purchased at Tayda for cheap.

I've uploaded the panel files on Github:

I have one panel set left over should anyone need one.



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