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Zeit [tsait] 

Word forms: Zeit genitive , Zeiten plural

1. time; (= Epoche) age


Geist [ɡaist] 

Word forms: Geist(e)s genitive , Geister plural

2. (Rel: = Seele, außerirdisches Wesen) spirit; (= Gespenst) ghost


Zeitgeist is a hands-on temporal playground. 


Zeitgeist is a design for a delay effect/sound source based around heavy abuse of a PT2399 karaoke delay chip devised by Rob Hordijk. The four controls are as follow:


  • INPUT - sets the input signal amplitude
  • MIX - This is a combination Wet/Dry and Feedback control. All the way to the left, you have only dry signal. As you turn this control up, Wet signal is added to the mix, and more signal is fed back through the delay simultaneously.
  • TIME - This is the control for the delay time. Turn this knob to the right to increase delay time.
  • MOD - This control allows you to inject CV and LDR signal into the TIME parameter. All the way to the left and CV will have no effect on the timebase.


Additionally, this pedal has 2 switch controls

  • Above INPUT you have a boost/cut switch. The +3db/-3db boost and cut affects both the input signal and the feedback signal. 
  • Above MOD you have the LDR control switch. In the middle the LDR is removed from the circuit. In the left and right position you can change whether the LDR has a positive impact on the timebase, or a negative one.


Zeitgeist has true bypass and runs on a 9V center negative supply. Any supply between 7V and 12V will work, and this unit has reverse polarity protection to prevent unhappy accidents. Zeitgeist consumes 20mA at 9V.

Zeigteist has a 10K input impedance, which makes it unsuitable for direct guitar input (you'd need a buffer/preamp of any kind). It has a 1K output impedance.


Zeitgeist is available as a DIY Kit in limited quantities. For an extra charge I can build one for you, but please allow 1-3 days build time.






Build Guide:





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