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Ultra Palace Nanodesk, a sleek and unique portable micro-mixer. A fun little fella, but with hella big-mixer energy!

With three 1/8” inputs, and one 1/4” input, you can mix-and-match audio sources: synth, guitar, keyboard, mobile phone, DJ rig, microphone, drum machine, and almost anything else that you can dream up. The ⅛” inputs are switchable between stereo and mono, where the ¼ is enhanced with a wide gain range, able to provide tones ranging from clean and natural, to warm and smooth overdrive when pushed into the red.

You can power Nanodesk either from a 9v DC power supply, or from a 9v battery, which will provide over 10 hours of life.

Nanodesk’s 4 ultra-smooth 30mm faders provide that unmistakable studio mixdown feel, and the unique multi-color LED helps you utilize every decibel of headroom, responding to master output amplitude just like a real VU. The ⅛” output is Low Impedance, so you can use Nanodesk to drive headphones, a power amp, instrument amp, a line-level receiver or a recorder.

We designed Nanodesk for you, your bandmates, collaborators, clients, audience or passers-by on the street. It’s a one-size-fits-all nanoscopic-mix-wizard of a console.

• High quality audio-grade op amps.
• All film capacitors throughout the audio path.
• Classic vintage-voiced high-gain circuit on the ¼” input.
• Mono/Stereo circuitry selectable for the three ⅛” inputs.
• Powder coated aluminum enclosure.
• Bi-color audio and clip-indicator LED.
• 30mm audio faders.
• Low impedance output.

Nanodesk requires a 9V center-positive power adapter, or a 9V battery.

Ultra Palace Nanodesk - A Sleek and Unique Portable Micro-Mixer

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