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The TELEXn (TXn) is a 2HP Remix of Jesper Särnesjö's open source module "nearness". Nearness is an ingenious module that you absolutely need in your rig. This remix is compresses the original 3HP module into 2HP. You can't go wrong with either one.


The module mixes and pans seven inputs to two outputs. There is an output at the top and bottom of the panel. Between these outputs are the seven inputs. These patch points correspond to panning positions between the two outputs. The closer you are to an output, the louder your signal will be there (and the quieter it will be in the corresponding output).


This is a PCB and Panel set ONLY. You will need the following parts to build this module:


1x (1 x 5) right angle pin header

4x (1 x 3) right angle pin header

2x (1x) straight pin header

2x pin jumpers

9x "Thonkiconn" jacks

Power cable, mounting screws.

TXN Nearness PCB and Panel

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