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Commune with the invisible forces surrounding you. SIGIL is an active contact microphone you can assemble yourself. Use the Sigil Transducer to listen to the vibrations all around you. Use it to listen to the mechanical vibrations of automata. Build a plate reverb. Turn the objects around you into drums. Or simply use it as a fantastic piezo pickup for your acoustic instruments.


Sigil packs pro audio features into an inexpensive DIY kit:


  • High-end, vintage-voiced FET pre-amp integrated into contact head
  • Phantom Powered
  • Impedance-matched Balanced Output
  • High-gain output with flat frequency response
  • Beginner friendly build process with detailed build guide
  • Open Source and Hackable


Use Sigil to listen to the world around you, or as a pickup for your acoustic instruments. Use the provided repositionable adhesive to attach it to any sound source - instruments, typewriters, machinery, etc.


This first batch was developed as part of Active / Passive Vol 5. as an interactive workshop. These units are branded "Active Passive" on the ground shield, and are a limited run. We learned a lot from the workshop and reworked the 3d printed case to make for easier assembly.


Files are available at the CCTV Github, ready for modifications, repairs, and opening up the possibility of modifying the case design to suit your needs.


Build Guide

Sigil Transducer - DIY Contact Mic Kit

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