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A darling of the DIY synth community for several years now, Rob Hordijk's benjolin circuit is really like no other synth/noisemaker out there. The benjolin is the smaller sibling of Rob's now legendary Blippoo Box, the subject of his 2009 article in Leonardo Music Journal (Vol. 9). Both the Blippoo Box and the benjolin emerged from Rob's attempts to design a circuit that was, as he puts it, "bent by design". As such both modules function according to the basic principles of Chaos theory, where short to long sputtering patterns spontaneously alter themselves over time, at times gradually and at times quite suddenly, morphing into new pattern doublings and bifurcations. The result is two incredibly unique instruments that function in a sense autonomously or can "play themselves" if you like.


This Module is New and Built by CCTV

New Modules come with M3 and M2.5 screws and a new power cable. New Modules come with a 3 Month Warranty.

Rob Hordijk Benjolin

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