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Peaks provides 4 different functions in a small 8-HP package: ADSR, LFO / Tap tempo LFO, and drum synth.






Peaks is a must-have module in every Eurorack. This 8 HP module provides a fantastic ADSR, and highly configurable LFO, a Tap-Tempo/Clock-able LFO, and a great drum synth.

The modes are all about generating an audio or CV signal in response to a trigger and are all focused on rhythmic works. Peaks is a dual-channel module – making it very useful for duophonic patches or for controlling/synthesizing the kick/snare rhythmic backbone of a patch.

I personally use this module in every patch. The expert mode allows full control over two independent envelopes, which is perfect for routing one envelope to a VCA, and the other to a filter. The Drum mode sees a lot of use in my rack as well, triggered by my Beatstep pro. Along with Braids and maybe some white noise, you have a full multi-part drum voice instantly.

Secret Sauce

These modules are assembled at CCTV in Victoria, BC, Canada - an electronics design and manufacturing co-operative. High quality solder paste and precise reflow control are employed for high-reliability and quality.

This Peaks panel is custom designed by Katie McGroarty and you will not find it anywhere else. A new panel supplier means this one is aluminum and matte black, and looks stunning in every rack.

Each module is thoroughly tested and calibrated before leaving the door.

Tech Specs

Module Width: 8 HP Current Consumption 12V: 60mA Current Consumption -12V: 2mA Current Consumption 5V: 0mA Ribbon Connector: 10Pin Manual: Found Here

The red stripe of the ribbon cable must be oriented on the same side as the “Red stripe” marking on the printed circuit board. This module is fail-safe reverse polarity protected.

Packaging and Extras

An upgraded packaging source and process means these modules are packed in a double-walled cardboard box with custom laser-cut foam inserts. Included in the box is a 16pin to 10pin eurorack cable plus 4 x m2.5m screws. If you would prefer m3 screws please specify in the notes at checkout.


If you have any questions about this product, feel free to reach out to me prior to purchase!


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