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A ghostly joystick module to commune with ancestral patches.


Ouija is an unconventional joystick module. It takes the core concept of a crossfader and dissects it to provide more patching possibilities.


Ouija can be patched into a:


  • Manual CV Generator
  • CV manipulator and Mixer
  • Audio Mixer
  • CV or Audio Crossfader


Each of the 4 inputs is provided with it's own attenuverter (-1x to +1x gain), which are then fed into the X and Y axes of the joystick. All four inputs are normalled to +12V, so Ouija can generate CV on its output with no inputs patched.


Channels 1 and 2 are fed to the Y axis, and Channels 3 and 4 to the X axis. These axes are configured as complementary attunators . In the most upward position of the Y axis, all of Channel 2 will be sent to 2's output, while none of Channel 1 will be sent to 1's output. In the middle position, 50% of each input will be sent to its corresponding output.


The MIX output is a 1:1 sum of all 4 outputs. Patching an output will remove it from the MIX output.


To build a simple crossfader, you can patch the outputs of 1 and 2 (or 3 and 4) to a mixer. 


To use Ouija as an audio mixer, patch 4 inputs and take the MIX output as your output. Any unused input channels can be set to 0 on the attenuverter to eliminate DC offset.




Width: 12hp

Depth: 29.5mm, 1.16''

Current draw

  • +12V, 42mA 
  • -12V 21mA 

5V Required? No

Ouija - Eurorack DIY Kit

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