Polymorphic, quantizing 4x CV processor/generator, built around DAC8565 and teensy 3.x (cortex M4)



  • 4x CV outputs (16 bit), 'in-the-loop' compensated, for proper DC accuracy. output range: -3v / +6v
  • 4x CV inputs (-3.5v / +6.5v, 12bit, 100k input impedance).
  • 4x digital inputs (100k input impedance, threshold ~ 2.5V)
  • trigger-to-quantized-output latency < 100us
  • 128x64 1.3" OLED display
  • reprogrammable / open-source
  • 85mA (@120MHz)

firmware ('apps"):

  • CopierMaschine: quantising, four stage analogue shift register (ASR), with user-editable scales.
  • Harrington 1200: basic neo-Riemannian Ton-Netz transformations
  • Automatonnetz: combines Ton-Netz transforms with a "vector" sequencer
  • Quantermain: quad quantiser with user-editable scales + built-in "Turing Machines"
  • Quadraturia: wavetable quadrature LFO
  • Low-rents: dual Lorenz and Rössler generators (strange attractors)
  • Piqued: quad voltage-controlled envelope generators
  • Dialectic Ping Pong: quad bouncing balls
  • Viznutcracker, sweet!: quad "byte beat" equation generator
  • References: a simple utility app that outputs specific reference voltages
  • easy-to-use 10-point calibration menu (10 points per channel).


$5 from each sale goes to the O_C development team!




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