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Update 10/27/2021

We are in the midst of a worldwide shortage of Raspberry Pis and DACs, and as such prices for these two components have increased. This results in a $25 increase in the cost of these completed Norns shields. It's not all bad news though, since 16GB SD cards are out of stock as well, this batch has been upgraded to 32GB (yay!).




minimal/tiny open-source/DIY shield for Raspberry Pi boards, providing hardware compatibility with the  ecosystem.

Features a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and 32GB microSD card. Card has been preloaded with the official norns codebase, and some of my favourite scripts. Ready to go with grid, or crow or whatever MIDI USB devices you want to throw at it.

This listing includes a world power supply. It includes interchangeable adapters for US, UK, Euro and Australia, and has an input voltage range of 100V-240V.

This is batch #8, I've fixed some potential reliability issues with the stock norns-shield PCB design, I've modified the case design to fit a little bit better.  This batch will include 32GB cards, and tantalum capacitors in the audio section to reduce noise. 

Due to the global chip shortage I've had to increase the price, the DAC especially is extremely rare right now, and now the Raspberry Pis are out of stock worldwide. For this reason I will also be building much fewer of these than before.

Norns Shield - Complete Monome Norns Clone

Out of Stock
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