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minimal/tiny open-source/DIY shield for Raspberry Pi boards, providing hardware compatibility with the  ecosystem.

Features a Raspberry Pi 4B with 2GB RAM and 64GB microSD card. Card has been configured with the official norns codebase, updated to the newest version, and preloaded with some of my favourite scripts. Ready to go with grid, or crow or whatever MIDI USB devices you want to throw at it.


The case is high-resolution SLA 3D-printed and finished with sandblasting. This new case design is much more reliable than the older all-laser-cut design.

This listing includes an official Raspberry Pi USB C power supply. It is world universal (100V-240V) however it only has north-american prongs. 

This is batch #9, batch #8 was released in 2021 so.... it's been a while. A lot has changed - the Rpi 3B+ is harder to find than the better 4B, which means the case had to be redesigned. Since I was redesigning anyway, I went with an SLA printed design, keeping the same smokey display cover. These norns are built using the new PCBs (v210330) with the CS4270 CODEC. Hardware is all M2.5 now. I really hope you love it.


I'm including the 2GB version of the Raspberry Pi 4, an upgrade over the 1GB the old Norns Shield has, but also an upgrade over the official Norns. This increased RAM has a noticable effect on boot time, load time, and performance.

Norns Shield - Complete Monome Norns Clone

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