The Nerve Center Eurorack Module is a 10HP, easy to build and adaptable mixer able to meet any of your mixing needs. It can be a 4:1 mono mixer, two 2:1 stereo mixers, individual attenuators, or any combination of these. It will happily mix audio, CV signals, or both!


Each output is normalled to each successive input, and its output level is set by the faders. This mixer provides 1:1 gain, but gain can be adjusted by replacing a few resistors. Mute switches cut the input from the output, and the red fader LEDs indicate which channels are muted or not. Nerve Center is DC coupled.


The kit contains everything you need to build the Nerve Center. A comprehensive build guide can be found here:




You will require a soldering iron, solder, side cutters, and a 2.5mm hex (allen) key or bit. This kit contai