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A super chill adaptation of the Korg MS-20 Filter. Easy to solder, use MS-420 in your Tape, Noise, or Musique Concrète performance to mellow out your harsh vibes.


MS-420 is a single supply adaptation of the MS-20 filter, in an Atari Goth Console format. It runs on a 9V battery, and provides mono in and out, as well as a Cutoff CV input compatible with Eurorack or low-level control voltages. 


The DRIVE control is an input attenuator, allowing use of signals of any amplitude. Output is line level. Reso(nance) can be pushed into self-oscillation.


This kit was designed to be low-cost and easy to assemble. Step by step instructions are provided to ensure success by builders of any experience level.


Battery not included.


Build Guide and documentation here

MS-420 Kit

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