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Midinome is a tap-tempo MIDI metronome, designed and hand-made by Ultra Palace, in Victoria, BC, Canada. Its primary purpose is to provide an audible metronome click for musicians using a loop pedal, trying to sync multiple MIDI instruments, or anyone who needs a MIDI Clock source, CV Clock source or audible metronome click in a pint-sized pedal.

Since most loop pedals can not quantize without an external MIDI clock, many people  use a drum machine to sync and quantize their loops. Midinome fills this need, in a tiny and user-friendly package. Having an audible click is especially useful in a context where multiple musicians are playing together with a loop pedal, or otherwise trying to play in time to a MIDI device, or other electronic instrument. Midinome also makes live looping with a band a breeze - send the audio click to your band mates to keep your loops in sync with them.

Midinome sends the audio click via an 1/8" stereo headphone jack, and sends MIDI Clock and MIDI Start/Stop signals via a standard 5-pin MIDI jack.

As an additional function, with an internal switch, Midinome can be put into CV mode. In this mode Midinome will send a Eurorack CV clock signal via the 1/8" jack, so you can generate both MIDI and CV Clocks, in sync, at the same time.

Midinome is universal and works with any device with a MIDI Input or CV Input. We've tested a ton of loopers, synths, drum machines, and controllers and have not found a device that is incompatible with Midinome. Please reach out to us if you have questions about your particular device or use case!

To use Midinome, you will need a 9V "BOSS-style", center-negative power supply. You may also need some cables. No power supply or cables are supplied with this unit.

Watch our video for ideas for how to use Midinome!

Ultra Palace is an electronics design co-operative in Victoria, BC, Canada. We are friends, engineers and of course passionate musicians, that have been developing Midinome and other projects since 2016.



Midinome - A Tap-Tempo Metronome, Master MIDI Clock, and CV Clock

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