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CCTV and Vigilant Guitars are proud to present the Mahogany Overdrive, a woody and transparent overdrive pedal, wrapped in a beautiful mahogany enclosure.


The Mahogany Overdrive coats your guitar's signal in rich, deep and musical sounding gain. Inspired by the mythical "k-style" circuits, the Mahogany Overdrive can add a touch of fatness and depth to your guitar or add searing gain with harmonics to spare.


Our goal was to create a tone inspired by the legendary Klon but darker and smoother. We went through many revisions with local musicians - tuning the gain stages and tone stacks to allow just a little of that 'sparkle' but creating a mooder and darker tone. The circuit uses high quality film capacitors in the signal path, FET-input opamps, and a charge pump to run the circuitry at +18V/-9V. True to its origins, Mahogany Overdrive implements buffered bypass, colouring your tone with FET-input opamps even when the effect is off. Mahogany Overdrive runs on a standard centre negative Boss-style 9V adapter, or a 9V battery.


This pedal is the result of a collaboration with Victoria local luthier Trevor Woodland. Trevor and CCTV have worked together on many one-off guitar builds and synthesizer restorations (most recently a crazy fog-machine-laden contraption for the Great Guitar Build-Off), and we've been looking for a way to combine our skills into more than just a prototype or custom build. The Mahogany Overdrive is the culmination of over 2 years of development, testing, and research into creating wooden guitar pedal enclosures that would be stomp-able and stand up to the test of time. Our final design uses an CNC geometry incorporating fins and ribs to leave as much material as possible to maximize strength.



Demo video by Coltin Porter


Mahogany Overdrive

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