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Come hang out at the shop and solder with friends. We'll be running a Saturday workshop only - starting at 11:00 AM , and will take us until 6 or 7PM.


What are we building?!?


From Vox Machina:


"Leo Leo" (faster in thai) is a programmer/sequencer module based on the first original Serge Programmer from the 70s, after discussing with Elby Designs and Serge himself who gave me open direction for this project, alongside some recommendations, I am happy to share here my evolution of the Programmer as an open source DIY project, this is quite the module and requires proper context, demonstration and education, below are a list of videos I've made myself to cover all the different aspects of this module.


To make it simpler for now, think of it as a, 4x4, 2x8, 2x16 analog Step Sequencer with individual CV outs per stage/step plus special sequential outs as well as a "ABCD" and "DCBA" outputs.

There's no notion of clock, so there's no internal clocking, you have inputs to make the programmer active from left to right, right to left and/or top to bottom and on each direction you take you can define rules per stage/step on what should happen (skip, mute, stop, play).

We are going to be building Leo Leo together, this means soldering! If you've never soldered before, that's OK. I'm here to hold your hand through the process. This build is all through-hole, so it involves no advanced soldering techniques, however it is about 100 parts so may take some time! The build is divided into two boards - Main and Control. The workshop price includes all the parts required.


You don't need to bring any tools, just bring what you need to be comfortable for the day. There is a microwave, mini fridge and coffee machine. There are also a few food options in the neighbourhood - Tartan Toque, Subway, Origin Bakery and Cafe.


I am offering a few take-home kits as well. These will ship out roughly around the time of the workshop. These kits will include all of the components required to build Leo Leo (Full Kit).



Leo Leo Matrix Programmer Workshop -August 31 2024

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