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M a c r o  -  o s c i l l a t o r


Plaits is the spiritual successor of Mutable Instruments best-selling voltage-controlled sound source, Braids. Not just a mkII version: its hardware and software have been redesigned from scratch. Just like its predecessor, it offers direct access to a large palette of easily tweakable raw sonic material, covering the whole gamut of synthesis techniques.


We are offering a run of PLAITS  replicas as a DIY KIT. The SMD is all preassembled, leaving only the through-hole parts to assemble - pots, jacks, LEDs, and buttons. The firmware has been pre-flashed.


Estimated time to solder is about 1 hr, and a build guide is available to walk you through the process:





Immutable Plaits - DIY KIT or Preassembled

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