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Ears for your modular


  • Built-in contact microphone soldered right under the front panel, turning the panel and your entire case into a microphone.
  • Increasingly spaced ridges on the panel, generating sonically interesting pulses or impulse combs when rubbed. Strike, pick or scratch digital resonators like Rings, Elements or the 4ms SMR.
  • High-quality amplification stage suitable for external contact microphones, electro-acoustic instruments like guitars, or plain line-level signals.


We are offering a run of EARS  replicas as a DIY KIT. The SMD is all preassembled, leaving only the through-hole parts to assemble - pots, jacks, LEDs, and Piezo


Estimated time to solder is about 1 hr, and a step by step build guide is available to walk you through the process.





Please allow 1 day to build your Preassembled Ears to order.


I'd like to make more classic Mutable designs available as IMMUTABLE KITS. Please reach out over e-mail or on Discord to offer suggestions for future kit runs.





unchanging over time or unable to be changed.

"an immutable fact"



Immutable Ears DIY KIT or Preassembled

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