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Clouds is a granular audio processor - with a couple of twists.


Unlike granular sample players, Clouds is focused on the realtime granularization of incoming audio signals, and the acquisition of textures from them.


Classic controls such as grain position, size, and pitch are provided. Clouds can superimpose up to 16 grains simultaneously and thus create thick textures. Control over texture density, independently of grain size, is thus provided. An external trigger input allows grains to be seeded in sync with LFOs or rhythmic generators.


We are offering a run of CLOUDS  replicas as a DIY KIT. The SMD is all preassembled, leaving only the through-hole parts to assemble - pots, jacks, LEDs, and buttons. This version has been modified to use a more robust dual-gang potentiometer, however all else has been left as-is.


Estimated time to solder is about 1 hr, and a build guide is available to walk you through the process.






Please allow 1 day to build your Preassembled Clouds to order.


I'd like to make more classic Mutable designs available as IMMUTABLE KITS. Please reach out over e-mail or on Discord to offer suggestions for future kit runs.

Immutable Clouds - DIY KIT or Preassembled

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