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Fade 4 is a performance MIDI and CV Controller with live editting and buttery smooth 10cm faders.


Inspired by projects such as 16n Faderbank and Notes and Volts FADR-4, Fade 4 was built from the ground up as a performance tool. Each of the 4 faders can transmit data on any CC channel, as well as Pitch Bend and Program Change. Each fader can be assigned to any MIDI channel. MIDI is transmitted over 1/8" MIDI (Type A or B) and USB-C (Appears as a class-compliant device named "Fade 4"). Each fader outputs a voltage from 0 to 5V on it's respective CV output jack (1/8" mono).


Fade 4 is housed in a beautiful textured black aluminum die-cast enclosure, with UV silkcreen printing.


Holding the left button labelled "message" for more than 2 seconds, Fade 4 switches into "EDIT" mode. While holding this button, sliding a fader will change the CC message being controlled by that particular fader.


Holding the right button labelled "channel" for more than 2 seconds, Fade 4 switches into "CHAN" mode. While holding this button, sliding a fader will change the MIDI channel being controlled by that particular fader.


Holding both "message" and "channel" for more than 2 seconds, Fader 4 switches into "OPTN" mode. In this mode, global settings can be adjusted. As of February 16 2024 only one global option has been added, fader #1 controls the LED brightness from 10 to 100.


The LED display reports information back to the performer. In normal operation, the current data being transmitted is displayed on 3 segments, while the first segment displays "c" for CC message, "p" for program change, and "b" for pitch bend.




February 16 2024 - A small quantity of Fade 4s have been pre-built to distribute to testers. I am offering these at cost, with the expectation that feedback and feature requests will help polish this product. Once these are in the hands of performers and composers, I wish to release this as a DIY kit. The kit price will be around $190CAD, while a prebuilt will be priced around $250.


Once the bugs and features have been ironed out, Fade 4 will be opensourced, including hardware and firmware files.


April 15 2024: An initial run of DIY kits is being offered. Hardware bugs with initial batch are fixed, V1.1 released on github. Build guide released.



Build Guide


Firmware Updates
As feedback comes in, I will implement features and apply bug fixes. Firmware can be easily updated by following these instructions:


1) Download the .UF2 file for the new firmware

2) Remove the 4 screws on the bottom of Fade 4, and remove the cover.

3) Plug Fade 4 into your computer using  a USB-C cable. Mac or Windows or Linux, doesn't matter. It will show up as a MIDI device.

4) Double tap the button on the PCB marked "RESET". Two quick presses. A USB drive will appear on your computer, labelled "FEATHER" or "FEATHERBOOT"

5) Copy and paste the UF2 file into the USB drive. If prompted to overwrite, select YES.

6) Unplug, and reinstall the bottom cover. The firmware has been updated.



Fade 4 - Performance MIDI & CV Controller

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