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Come hang out at the shop and solder with friends. We'll be running a Saturday and a Sunday workshop - starting at 12:00PM Noon both days, or you can take home a kit to build with us in spirit.


What are we building?!?


The EuroPi is a project aimed at making Eurorack more accessible and customisable by giving users complete control of the inner workings of a digital module.

Users can entirely reprogram the module simply by connecting it via USB to a computer, and then writing or editing the program in Python.


We can hang out after the build and write some custom code together, or you can just stay for the soldering session and take home a fully functional module loaded with all the user-contributed apps. If you want to hack with us, be sure to bring a laptop, a micro-usb cable, and an idea for a custom app.


You can also choose a take-home kit if you'd like to build with us in spirit. The Pi Pico will be preloaded with the user-contributed apps for you.


The build itself is roughly 100 components, all through-hole. All components are provided, ready to plug into your eurorack system at home.





• 6 CV Outputs (0-10V)
• 1 CV Input (0-10V)
• 1 Digital Input (Clock, Gate, Trigger)
• 2 Knobs (12 bit)
• 2 Push Buttons
• 128x32 OLED Display



Allen Synthesis

Consequencer Demo

Python Demo

EuroPi Workshop - October 22 & 23 2022

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