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It's time for workshops again! Come hang out at the new shop (1543 Pandora Ave) and solder with friends. We'll be running a Saturday and a Sunday workshop - starting at 12:00PM Noon both days, or you can take home a kit to build with us in spirit.


What are we building?!?


Elektrosluch is an open-source device for electromagnetic listening. It allows one to discover sonic worlds of electromagnetic fields, surrounding our every step. Just plug your headphones & explore.

Electrosluch was designed by Jonas Gruska and Lom Audio in the Czech Republic. We are hosting this workshop with Jonas's blessing and support.


“The Elektrosluch 3 is an amazing electromagnetic listening device. I have been a long time fan of induction coil pickups and this one is by far the most convenient and easy to use one yet. I love the ability to listen to different sources very quickly with the headphone input, and the potentiometer control gives a higher cleaner output. I would easily say this is now an essential piece to my sound capturing rig.”

– Richard Devine


Elektrosluch Mini City is a miniature version of the Elektrosluch 3+, with identical circuits and function, but in a pocket-friendly form factor.


Demo by Andrew Huang
Build Video by Nicolas Drey


We'll have everything you need to build an Electrosluch on the day of the workshop. 

Please select "Store Pickup" at checkout!


Elektrosluch Workshop - July 16 and 17 2022

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