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T H E   W I T C H I N G   H O U R   I S   U P O N   U S


Coven LFO is a 4 HP modulation source in an easy-to-build DIY kit. Four bipolar CV outputs provide synced channels ranging from ridiculously slow to audio rate.


Selectable waveshapes include:

  • Triangle
  • Saw
  • Square
  • Stepped Random Voltages


An FM input (FREQ) allows you to modulate your modulator - you can even self-patch it for more complex waveshapes. 


A Sync input allows Coven LFO to become your go-to clock divider and rhythm section.

Divisions between the channels can be selected from the arhythmic default (3,7,11) to more traditional rhythmic divisions (2,4,8, and 4,8,16). In all modes, the top most output is the base frequency from which the others are divided and synced to.


Available as a DIY kit with just 60 components and as a complete module. Firmware is provided in Arduino format for hackers and tinkerers.





Technical Details


35 mA @ +12V

10 mA @ -12V

5V Required? No




Width = 4HP (20mm)

Depth = 42mm


Output Frequency

Max = 100 Hz

Min = 69 minutes period


Sync Frequency

Max = 1kHz

Min = 71 minutes period


Output Voltage

Bipolar  -10V to +10V

Coven LFO - Eurorack DIY Kit

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