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Midithrone is an active converter which allows you to connect any MIDI USB Class Compliant device to any other MIDI device with a DIN (traditional) or ⅛” MIDI input. Anything from a 1982 Juno Synthesizer, to a 2023 Opsix, can now connect over MIDI to your USB MIDI controllers.

Midithrone has 2 MIDI outputs. The first is a traditional 5-pin DIN MIDI jack. Connect this jack to any MIDI device with a similar old-school DIN MIDI INPUT.

The second output is a new-school ⅛” MIDI jack, which can be set to comply with either TYPE-A or TYPE-B standard (secret switch inside).

All MIDI messages including note on/off, transport (clock, stop and start), program changes, sysex etc are transmitted without modification. Midithrone does no filtering or modifications to the messages what-so-ever, and simply passes on MIDI messages from the USB device out through the hardware MIDI ports.


To power Midithrone, use a USB-B cable to connect to any 5V USB power supply, such as a phone charger or other USB power source. A USB battery bank can also work well.


Ultra Palace is an electronics design co-operative in Victoria, BC, Canada. We are friends, engineers and of course passionate musicians, that have been developing Midinome and other projects since 2016.

Ultra Palace Midithrone - USB MIDI Host

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