Braids is a voltage-controlled monophonic digital sound source.

Sound source… like an oscillator? Not really.

Most of the timbres it generates are so complex that approaching them with a classic analog modular setup would require a full case of oscillators, filters, VCAs, waveshapers and ring-modulators – that’s why we call it a macro-oscillator – intricate digital synthesis algorithms wrapped in oscillator’s clothes.


uBraids (microBraids) is a faithful recreation of the now discontinued Braids module in 8hp. All functionality is identical, save for a OLED display instead of the 14-segment LED display in the original. Same firmware, same ADCs and DACs, and same fantastic waveforms.


Batch #2 


This module is built using the exact same or better components than the ones used by Mutable before they discontinued it. 1/8" jacks are the upgraded PJ398SM variety which have an improved contact plating and can better withstand physical force - resulting in a product with a longer lifetime. The PCB files are the newest version pulled from the Mutable github repository, and the software is up to date as well. This module is compatible with alternative firmwares like Bees in the Trees and firmware can be loaded in the same way as the official product. 


These modules are assembled at CCTV in Victoria, BC, Canada. High quality solder paste and precise reflow control are employed for high-reliability and quality. 
This uBraids panel is custom designed by Katie McGroarty and you will not find it anywhere else. Panel is anodized aluminum from Metalphoto Cincinatti, and is highly scratch-resistant.


Module Width: 8 HP 
Current Consumption 12V: 100mA 
Current Consumption -12V: 15mA 
Current Consumption 5V: 0mA 
Ribbon Connector: 10Pin 
The power cable can be connected in either orientation. 
Each module is thoroughly tested and calibrated in a real eurorack system before leaving the door. 


An upgraded packaging source and process means these modules are packed in a double-walled cardboard box with custom laser-cut foam inserts. Included in the box is a 16pin to 10pin eurorack cable plus 4 x m2.5m screws. If you would prefer m3 screws please specify in the notes at checkout. 


To Canada, I charge actual rate to your destination, tracked.
To USA, choose the flat $15 Tracked Packet option, this will get you tracked shipping, in 4-8 business days via USPS.
To Elsewhere - $25 will have the module shipped to your door tracked, using DHL. Arrival time depends on where you are, but usually under 1 week.
If you have any questions about this product, feel free to reach out to me prior to purchase!

uBraids Eurorack Module